Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Germany VOIP call

Another step foward from what they were doing, Jajah is now started offering call within Germany and Austria free of cost.

according to Jajah, this arrangement reaches about 100 million people. Jajah has tied up three big companies in europe mainly,

1) Pro7/Sat1 - Germany's largest television station reaching 80 million viewers.
2) Bild-T Online - Germany's largest Newspaper.
3) News-Austria - Austria's largest media company.

Each company will be incorporating the Jajah application into its web sites,. The only difference is the call will now be supported with advertising. however its not very clear how the advertising will be run.

Will it be a voice ad or banner ad? I think it will be voice ad run every time you make a call.

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USA - Canada VOIP call

Many of you are pissed off with Skype's decision to no more offer FREE calls within US & Canada and have started looking out for alternatives.

Although, i have covered many articles about the new alternatives in the market. This one is pretty cool. Its call iCall. It has something unique that many other alternatives doesn't offer. You can call anyone in US & Canada for free using iCall from anywhere in the world.

Anywhere in the world is Outstanding feature. Many other providers want you to be registered or dont provide services to traditional PSTN line countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

iCall is definately worth trying. If you like the features and service, you might wanna stick around still you have something else. You can download icall from here

For more info on features, please visit their site iCall

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rebtel, aleading mobile VOIP & free international call provider announced that they are now offering a new Mobile platform for new signups. With the new mobile platform, Rebtel users don't need a personal computer to access rebtel services such as new signups, account manager etc. The new Rebtel mobile platform will be accessible from your mobile phones and you can signup to Rebtel.

Rebtel is currently offered in 37 countries. They are currently offering 10 free calls per month. Another great feature of Rebtel is they charge you for local call charges rather than international call charges.

How does this whole thing works?

1) you tell rebtel which number you want to call.
2) Rebtel dials the number.
3) Your friend will see a local number to call you back.
4) you should stay online and don't cut the call.
5) Once other party calls that local number, rebtel will connect to you.

You pay for local charges and other party pay the same and the international call is free. Very innovative way to save money. So basically its free international call at a local call rate, in other words its a cheaper international call.

Go signup fpor Rebtel Mobile

Malaysia VOIP call

1) I frm Malaysia, plz help me how to make free call to malaysia
mobile ??? (not using Gizmo)---Aninyan, Malaysia

Answer: You can make free calls to Malaysia Landline+Mobile using Lowratevoip. Voipcheap only allows free calls to landlines.

2)Hello, im from the netherlands. And I want to call via VOIP to Morocco
(Mobile or Landline) for FREE. Any suggestions? Or maybe, people from
Morocco call to Netherlands (Mobile) FREE?---Kevin, Netherlands

Answer: Unfortunately there are no service providers at the moment offering FREE calls to Morocco, however anyone from morocco can call you using this hack

3) i want to call bangladesh free from internet or land line. how can i do that. Shanto-Bangladesh.

Answer: is currently offering a FREE Call service to bangladesh, make the most of it, since its getting tougher for voip service providers. If you don't know why read here

China VOIP call

Here in Singapore, CNY is over. I was on a shopping spree till i realised its Chinese new year and not Diwali. I wonder, what my wife has spent on my credit card:P

Oh its yet time to receive my credit card bills. Let me move on with the post. Its time for more and more free VOIP call offers and i love each of them.

This is a huge promotion by MediaringTalk, From Feb1 2007 (oops i totally missed this one, sorry) till 31st March 2007, you can call

United Kingdom- fixed
US, Canada, China, Singapore- Fixed & Mobile

The only downside is, each call is limited to 10 minutes. However, there are no restrictions on calling the same destination multiple times. Well, I don't mind calling my friends for 10 minutes and cut the call to dial again :-)

So if you are eager to know about your Ex-GF (*cough*) in US or Canada, give her a buzz and wish Kung Hei Fat Choi or Gong Xi Fa Cai..or maybe happy holi :-)

Have fun Calling! almost forgot, You need to Register to their service

Worldwide VOIP call

GizmoCall a SIPphone service has launched a new web-based voice-over-IP (VoIP) service that will allow users making phone calls directly from their web browser. It all based on Flash.

I wonder how many other websites do that. It doesnt seem Jajah used Flash. However, I am not able to find any real difference in using Flash Plugin to make a call. I will do some study and testing and will post some results.

Back to the news, The web based interface allows the users to enter the enter in international format such as (+12221112121) and then click Call. If you dont have a flash plug-in installed (first time users), then it will ask you to install the plug-in. Just install and it will automatically recognise it. Then the call is sent out to the number you wanted to call.

You need to use headphones (or speaker) and mic to talk.

According to the website, Users get five minutes of calling per day to just about any phone number and can double that if they register with an email address. For more calls, users can purchase Call Out minutes. Besides PSTN phones they can call for free google talk users, Windows Live users, Gizmo Project users and any other SIP address/device.

This sounds too good to be true.

Important TIP: when i made a call, the 5 mins timer started running. I wonder if they track users by IP address. What if you use a proxy :D...maybe we can make more calls by using a hack. Let me try and find some solutions. I am currently at office and can't use any proxies here.

Make a Call now

India VOIP call

Did u bite your nails when i posted about VOIPcheap and you cant call India PSTN/Mobile lines with it? is the solution for that problem and now be happy coz although you cant call them..They can surely call you.

It took me some time to figure out this voipcheap hack...So please read it carefully before you try your hands at it.

Lets see how this voipcheap hack will work

What happens When you register for VOIPcheap?

Voipcheap will track your IP address at the time of registration. for e.g you are registering from USA or UK, the Id will enable you to make FREE calls since these countries fall under the FREE calls Beta version promotion by Voipcheap.

What if I am registering from India?

Voipcheap will trace your IP to india and blocks all outgoing FREE calls. You can however make one call, i heard different reports from people. One of my brother was able to make 30 calls within India. You better check it on your own. It might be possible that they have restricted FREE calls to 30 for non-FREE destinations like India.

Whats the hack?

The hack is to register from a proxy which belongs to the FREE destinations country. Voipcheap will trace your IP to the foreign country and will let you call FREE to these destinations for unlimited time.

Now you can ask your parents/Bro in India to set this up and make calls FREE.

Do drop your views/comments/original hacks etc.

If you like to use my hack or work on this, please LINK me back. I have spent several hours to figure out this hack myself :-) now you can make free calls from india.

if you are looking for free calls to india? then read this post

Does that work for you?? Let me know. If you find any issues with this hack or improvements, please drop comments. They are always welcome.